SONG PICK: Stacey – D.M.T. (Video)




SONG PICK: Stacey – D.M.T. (Video)

“D.M.T.” is an audiovisual piece full of beauty. Toronto singer/songwriter Stacey takes cues from the 60s and creates psychedelic pop that engulfs you like a warm blanket while she invites you to “dream in multicolor together.” Fellow Canadians Babygirl, another glamglare favorite, were also involved in the song as Stacey reveals:

‘DMT’ is a fun, modern exploration of psych-pop. I wrote it with some of my favourite songwriters, Canadian duo Babygirl. We let our brains run free with melody and lyrics and of course a love for Beatles-y vibes. I’m a big psych-rock enthusiast, old and new, and was excited to dip my toe into that world.

The visuals by Peru-based director Sara Serna are part of the experience, so don’t miss watching the video here:

Listen to the Song on SoundCloud or Spotify:

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(Photo: Kristy Benjamin)

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