NEW EP: Kerri Martin – Haunting Me



Kerri Martin

NEW EP: Kerri Martin – Haunting Me

Kerri Martin is a young musician from Orlando, Florida who has a refreshingly bold approach to pop music. “I am so happy to be living in an age where I can create complete tracks in my bedroom,” she says, but instead of crafting the abstract electronic soundscapes that dominate today’s pop music, she sticks to guitars and keyboards – she plays both herself – and produces a sound reminiscent of a big studio full of session musicians in the 80s.

Her new EP “Haunting Me,” out today with four songs. “The first track ‘I Can’t Believe The I Love You’s’ is an alternative pop ballad,” she says, “but it’s the song for those who miss when everything on the radio had an epic guitar solo.” And indeed, Kerri’s music can make you long for those times.

Kerri says about the “Haunting Me”:

The four tracks of “Haunting Me” give an impression of reminiscence and introspection. This is because they were each given their own space to develop as not only a song but also a story. Even with 4 diverse tracks, the EP has a common theme as each song shows a different perspective on the topic of vulnerability. The songs on this EP not only come from a vulnerable place within myself, but I think everyone shares these feelings in their own way and that’s something that comes across in this release.

Listen to “Haunting Me” on Apple Music or on Spotify below:

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