SONG PICK: Amelie Patterson – Let Your Trouble Go



SONG PICK: Amelie Patterson – Let Your Trouble Go

“Let Your Trouble Go” is the new single by Canadian singer/songwriter Amelie Patterson and it is a sweet, mellow track with sparkling sprinkles of hope. While the verse is kept pensive and dulcet, the chorus goes all-in with a beautiful catchiness that makes us want to chime in and feel all troubles melting away.

Amelie Patterson has some clear intentions with her new song. She says:

“If only I could take the pressures and self-doubt for someone, giving them the chance to let their trouble go and free up space in their mind; to go willingly into the creative, imaginative, and surreal corners of their brain.”

She explains further:

“The way we remember people is the way they lived. Knowing grief myself, I have wished I could hold the grief of loved ones, or carry their burden for them, so they could take the afternoon off; to access their memories without fear of being overrun by the sometimes scary and out of control expressions of grief.”

What a beautiful idea and sentiment! While a gorgeous song like “Let Your Trouble Go” might not make for an entire afternoon off, it will lift our spirits for three minutes and 18 seconds, and more if put on repeat.

Listen to “Let Your Trouble Go”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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