SONG PICK: Ella Grace – Pieces (Video)



Ella Grace

SONG PICK: Ella Grace – Pieces (Video)

“Pieces” is one of those songs that put you instantly into a relaxed mood and you wish that London-based singer/songwriter Ella Grace would go on forever with her gentle reflections about a relationship she cannot let go. While inspired by a breakup, neither the song nor the beautiful visuals focus on the hardship, but rather explore the resulting feelings with curiosity. “When I wrote Pieces,” explains Ella. “I was in the midst of the breakdown of a very intense love affair with the first woman I’d ever been with. I was experiencing this constant kind of primal yearning for this woman that was just spilling out of me.”

Watch our Song Pick of the Day “Pieces,” directed by Martina Trepczyk here:

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(Photo: Martina Trepczyk)

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