SONG PICK: Captain Kidd ft. La Poré – Over It



SONG PICK: Captain Kidd ft. La Poré – Over It

Recently, we featured “Blame” by La Poré and are still buzzing with excitement whenever the gorgeous track comes up in our playlist. Although La Poré exchanged Ohio with California, leaving his bandmates of Captian Kidd back in Columbus, OH, it is touching and promising to see them teaming up again. Old friendship and creative ties are precious! The result of their distanced collaboration is a wistful pop song enveloped in big synths and an irresistibly catchy chorus, that makes us hopeful that an “Over It” might be in reach and possible.

We asked Captian Kidd about the inspiration for the song and this is what producer Kyle Kanzigg told us: 

“We all have probably experienced negative phases in our lives where we let unhealthy thought patterns and lifestyle choices take over our lives in a damaging way. ‘Over It’ is the celebration of letting go of unhealthy lifestyle patterns and choosing to hold yourself accountable to create a better quality of life for yourself.”

“Over It” is beautifully wistful bliss! Listen to “Over It”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Captain Kidd on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Connect with La Poré on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram and add “Over It” to your playlist as we are adding it to our glamglarepick playlist on Spotify:

Photo credit: Ross Theisen, Weslee Kate

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