SONG PICK: Signe – Cry Wolf



SONG PICK: Signe – Cry Wolf

Solo pop artist Signe grew up dancing her heart out to ABBA, singing along to Sara Bareilles, and falling in love with the lyrics of Billy Joel. To my knowledge, the latter never wrote such explicit lyrics as in the pre-chorus to “Cry Wolf” but it feels good to sing along, not just today. The song showcases Signe’s bright and powerful vocals beautifully but also gives way to the serious heartbreak “Cry Wolf” is about. Signe told us:

“‘Cry Wolf’ is about a particularly painful breakup I went through. It was long and drawn out and challenged my limits of being understanding. This song was the first place I was really honest with my anger and let it break through the surface. My anger not just at my ex but the person he left me for. It felt so good to say “F*ck you” and have a way to express those sentiments without having to hold space for anyone’s feelings but my own.”

That’s the first step to feeling better and getting over something traumatic, taking care of one’s own feelings, and artists can be their own best therapist at times.

Originally from Chicago, Signe spent her teenage years in Austria and Germany in diverse exchange student programs, and shortly before the pandemic hit, she moved to Paris where she currently resides.

Listen to “Cry Wolf”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Don’t stop with “Cry Wolf” though but listen to Signe’s entire œvre, and make sure to not miss another explicit yet irresistible track and listen to “Coffee to Go” too:

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