SONG PICK: Giungla – Walk On The Ceiling




SONG PICK: Giungla – Walk On The Ceiling

There is a lot of great music coming from Italy, Ema Drei aka Giungla was the first who caught our attention five years ago. Now she is back with a new track “Walk On The Ceiling,” that perfectly showcases her unique signature sound: hard-hitting guitar riffs, smacking beats, subtle electronics and intimate vocals.

The song is about something that has become an integrate piece of our lives as Ema reveals:

I like to think of the phone light as a candle to be protected and given to someone special. The perspective is upside down, as if those who stay awake at night to write were in another reality; it is about the beauty of looking for a bit of mystery and magic even in a protected and domestic environment, trying to be braver than you are during the day.

Giungla is working on a second EP, out next year on Factory Flaws. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day “Walk On The Ceiling” below:

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(Photo: Olimpia Rende)

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