SONG PREMIERE: Shiffley – Ri¢h Kids



SONG PREMIERE: Shiffley – Ri¢h Kids

It is always a nice day when we can premiere a song from a New York-based band, especially one we have been following for a while since they got our attention during a local music festival in fall 2017. We are excited to premiere the exuberant “Ri¢h Kids”, the new feel-good-single by indie-pop band Shiffley.

We asked whether the Brooklyn-based four-piece could provide us with some background and singer/songwriter Alex Ganes told us:

“As my songwriting often goes, Ri¢h Kids started out as a synth hook, slotted away in a library of sketches. It wasn’t until a year later when I was simultaneously laid off and had the flu that the song started to come together. I find that when I experience a consistent state of mind (positive, negative or otherwise) it’s often simple to spin out my thoughts and create an exaggeration of myself in song – almost a self criticism – that then helps me cope with a situation.”

This sounds a bit like what is going on during the pandemic right here right there! Alex continues:

“”Ri¢h Kids” was born from one such exaggeration. The song’s verses dive into an amplified version of my state at the time – poor and tired. The choruses shift focus to those who have broken the system and are winning. This culminates in a simple diagnosis: “somebody ought to break them too.” Laid out within the context of a schoolyard tussle, this song is filled with loose references to our experiences in high school as four nerds trying to fly beneath the radar.”

With its sparkling vibe “Ri¢h Kids” could not come timelier! Yes, darker, more serious undertones are noticeable too yet the overall feeling is a joyous and optimistic one. Without further ado, listen to “Ri¢h Kids”, our Song Pick of the Day premiere:

Connect with Shiffley on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and add “Ri¢h Kids” to your playlist as we are adding it to our glamglarepick playlist on Spotify:

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