SONG PICK: Viviana – Weather




SONG PICK: Viviana – Weather

Houston-based singer/songwriter Viviana is fed up with not getting past small talk with a significant other. It feels like the musical equivalent to the talk at the turning point in a relationship, when the two sides determined if they have a future together. Viviana’s new song “Weather” has classic pop sensibilities and measured drama with a driving guitar line. The track shows that Viviana goes deep when she crafts her songs, deeper than many other contemporary pop songs.

Viviana tells us about the song:

‘Weather’ was inspired by those conversations that seem meaningless, where you should be talking about something more important. It’s about the anger and resentment you feel towards the other person you are in the relationship with, but it also has some humor to it, almost accepting it.

Listen to “Weather” below:

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