SONG PICK: C’Est Karma – Industrial Salt



C'Est Karma

SONG PICK: C’Est Karma – Industrial Salt

Karma Catena aka C’est Karma is a singer, songwriter and producer from Luxemburg. Her latest single “Industrial Salt” is a stunning electronic track which comes up with a new sonic surprise around every corner and accumulates loads of of chills-inducing drama on the way.

Karma took the inspiration from her familiy’s past:

Industrial Salt is a musical and lyrical image of the pain and sacrifice behind migration. It tells the story of my own family, who left their home country, Portugal, to overcome poverty, escape fascism and build a better future in Luxembourg.

She adds:

It’s a very personal song to me, as it explores my grandparents’ experience of moving into a new county that was completely unknown to them. Through the lyrics, I tried to paint the colourful and lively landscapes of Portugal in contrast to the very industrialised world my grandfather encountered in his new home.

“Industrial Salt” is a single from C’est Karma’s upcoming EP “Farbfilm”. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

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