SONG PICK: Eric Selby – Another Page



SONG PICK: Eric Selby – Another Page

The smooth vocals and the coaxing blues guitar in “Another Page” make for love at first listen. The new single by Eric Selby has a beautifully chill flow with lots of lovely pop sprinkles thrown in. Having made a name for himself as sought after session musician, Eric Selby now releases his own music. We are excited that he’s pursuing his creative flow now because we might have found a new favorite artist. If you like “Another page” as much as we do, don’t stop there and listen to the exquisite full-length album “Do, Baby.,” released earlier this year. This is timeless, gorgeous timeless music!

Eric Alper says about “Another Page”:

The lyrics were inspired by Shakespeare’s quote, ‘All the world’s a stage.’ ‘Another Page’ looks at our existence as a script that we are all reading as we move through life. Sometimes, we are in the spotlight; other times, we are the understudies waiting for our time to shine. The great equalizer are the days when the theatre is closed: the lead, the understudy, director, seamstress, stagehands, etc. are all on the same plane because the “…show’s dark today…”

Listen to “Another Page”, our Song Pick of the Day, and connect with Eric Selby on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Add “Another Page” to your playlist as we are adding it to our glamglarepick playlist on Spotify:

Find “Another Page” also on Apple Music.

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