SONG PICK: Aly Jett – Bad Dreams



SONG PICK: Aly Jett – Bad Dreams

While “Reverie”, one of Aly Jett‘s previous singles featured a melodic piano backdrop, she changes gears drastically in “Bad Dreams”, replacing the mellow piano with fierce guitars and steady percussions. Alone her soft, appealing vocals provide a reprieve from the feeling of unease. We reached out to the California-based singer/songwriter and asked her for some context. Aly replied to us and explains:

Bad Dreams was created after having a dream that really haunted me. I wanted to create a sound that would match the feeling of fear I had when I woke up that morning. I enjoy listening to this song, especially because it’s one of my first songs to have a defined guitar solo part. It really helped me get over the visuals of that terrible dream.

Ugh, sounds like quite a nightmare! Mission accomplished though because “Bad Dreams” keeps the listener on the edge while simultaneously luring us in and keeping us under the song’s spell. Well done!

Listen to “Bad Dreams”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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