SONG PICK: Bad Love – Cashmere Tears



SONG PICK: Bad Love – Cashmere Tears

Manchester indie-pop band Bad Love appeared on my radar before but it took “Cashmere Tears” to eventually listen closely and fall head-over-heels for the glistening track. Reminiscent of dream-pop acts like LANY and of course electro-pop pioneers like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, or Ultravox, Bad Love create songs that are highly compelling and simply irresistible. It is all too easy to label pleasing pop music as ‘sweet fluff’ or ‘without substance’. Maybe there is more to “Cashmere Tears” than alluring hooks and a pleasing vibe? Curious, I reached out to Bad Love, and thankfully the band’s frontman provided us with a glimpse of his thought process.

Andy Gannon told us:

So I wrote Cashmere Tears during lockdown, I was feeling the weight of the world a little and partially having an existential crisis on where I was at and who I am. I feel like the song comes from a place that’s terrified of accepting what’s normal. I’m so anxious about not accomplishing my dreams and I dread even more the thought that I’m held back by toxic relationships and people.

This speaks for a true artist, to be able to put feelings of sheer overwhelming anxiety into words and into a catchy song even. Andy continues:

The story in Cashmere is a blur of friends I had growing up and where they are now. Women who had the grandest dreams at 16 but because of small town, suburban living and toxic boyfriends they stick around and let me go. They feel that societal pull to mother boys that never grew up. I think you see it all too often, that the women in our lives are the ones holding shit together; because our culture just doesn’t teach boys to ever grow up. In a way, it’s a love letter to all those people I’ve ever known, who used to dream big when we were kids. I feel like it’s about letting your heart be who it wants to be, not just playing it safe and accepting the societal norms and well trodden paths.

I never imagined that all these thoughts went into “Cashmere Tears”. If the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown(s) taught us anything, then that it is high time to look at ourselves, and the society we’re living in. So much we simply take for granted without rethinking things and taking stock of our lives and dreams, and let our hearts be what they want to be. Well put!

Listen to the gorgeous “Cashmere Tears”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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