SONG PICK: The Eiffels – Patient



SONG PICK: The Eiffels – Patient

An entire year went almost by, even a trying year like 2020, without us featuring new music by Los Angeles three-piece The Eiffels, my favorite West Coast indie-pop act. Then along came “Patient”, and the world seems to be almost (!) well again. Without falling into the super-polished pop-cliché trap, The Eiffels understand how to create songs that are crazy catchy, tinged with 80s swagger, and a killer dancefloor vibe without losing the edge that makes them so alluring.

Having followed The Eiffels’ career, and featured the band around frontman Sean Ulbs before, we asked Sean for some background to “Patient” and he says:

I was driving all around Los Angeles one night trying to find the words to this song. It was such an uncertain time. The pandemic was just getting started and our tour was cancelled. It was difficult to find the inspiration to write something light or uplifting, so I eventually just leaned into the uncertainty.

By doing so, also tapping into the ubiquitous feeling most of us share these days. Sean explains further:

I wrote what I was feeling: ‘Maybe I’ll never know, maybe I’ll never go, wondering if I’ll show up…’ After that, the lyrics just flowed because I knew what I wanted to say. As I was writing, I realized how fortunate I was to be spending this crazy time, or any time, with someone I loved. In times like these, it really helps bridge the gap to the other side. And sometimes the most joy comes from who you’re sharing your time with, rather than the specifics of what you’re doing with that time.”

What a beautiful sentiment and I couldn’t agree more! Like The Eiffels’ previous singles and EPs, “Patient” will spin on repeat at glamglare and became my new favorite feel-good-vibes track.

Listen to “Patient”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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