SONG PICK: Su Lee – Wide Awake (Video)



Su Lee

SONG PICK: Su Lee – Wide Awake (Video)

To many of us the world has shrunken to little more than a few rooms, so this musical invitation by Korean singer, songwriter and producer Su Lee to let your dreams soar may come right in time. Set to bright, upbeat synth pop Su muses about the moment when daydreams meet reality. She says:

“Wide Awake” is my love letter to ‘us in the future, it can be lonely at times, to be a dreamer, striving in solitude. That’s when we dive into our imaginations to find strength and sanity. This song is my hope that someday, they will no longer be mere daydreams, but something real; something we can experience wide awake.

And if the song alone does not suffice to lift your mood, watch the heartwarming, entirely self-directed video here:

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