SONG PICK: Halo Kitsch – Do You Feel Like A Sinner Yet?



Halo Kitsch

SONG PICK: Halo Kitsch – Do You Feel Like A Sinner Yet?

It is the last day of the year and that is a good time to cut out of your life what does not serve you any longer. In her latest song “Do You Feel Like A Sinner Yet?” L.A. singer/songwriter Halo Kitsch describes how she tried to escape her own downward spiral. The song packs much drama and energy in its furious finale and inspires courage to fight back against whatever holds you down.

Halo Kitsch explains:

Through the exploration of self-discovery, I finally found vocabulary that defined the contagious toxicity of a co-dependent love trap. With the same pain it takes to grow, I reflected on the cyclical nature of what felt like a sinking rock bottom. Isn’t it ironic how the abused becomes the abuser? In hindsight, I suppose I wrote the song to myself as much as to my partner. After all, two wrongs never make a right. So, the question I pose is, ‘When have you had enough?’

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(Photo: Dillon Jordan)

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