SONG PICK: Danielle Durack – Eggshells (Video)



Danielle Durack

SONG PICK: Danielle Durack – Eggshells (Video)

As we come slowly out of the winter break, there are already many releases lined up to look forward to. On January 15 Phoenix-based singer/songwriter Danielle Durack releases her new album “No Place,” which is described as her “journal laid bare for listeners.” The closing track “Eggshells” is about the hardest kind of breakup: when love does not cool down, but the daily wear and tear makes it impossible to stay together. Danielle pours a lot of emotion into the track that becomes more intense and moving with every bar.

Danielle says about the song:

“Eggshells” was one of the easier songs to write on the album. Everything that was so hard to say conversationally to my partner at the time just came pouring out when I sat down with my guitar. The song is basically about the inner conflict of loving someone deeply but being completely unable to make it work. It’s very dense and wordy and ambling but I think it fully communicates my indecision and frustration at the time.”

Watch the video for “Eggshells” here:

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