SONG PICK: Gaeya – Tide For The Change (Video)




SONG PICK: Gaeya – Tide For The Change (Video)

Imagine stepping out of a cabin somewhere in nature. The sun has just risen, the light is crisp and the air clear, and around you, the wildlife awakens. This is the feeling that “Tide for the Change” by Swedish musician Gaeya evokes when it swells from a simple piano line into lush soundscapes with subtle nature sound bits (the red-tailed hawk makes an appearance). This is in line with Gaeya’s mission to excite her audience for nature’s joys with music and live events.

The song is on her brand new EP “Awakening,” out now on all streaming services. She explains:

“An awakening starts when we are open to see things from a higher perspective. It can mean that we sometimes need to elevate ourselves to see another view in life to gain the most growth.”

Watch the video “Tide For The Change” here:

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(Photo: Annie Hyrefeldt)

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