SONG PICK: Luna Shadows – Nite Swim



Luna Shadows

SONG PICK: Luna Shadows – Nite Swim

In “Nite Swim” L.A.-based pop songwriter and producer Luna Shadows explores how a Romeo & Juliet story could have unfolded in the present day. Obviously, being in constant contact these days would have changed the story’s outcome significantly. This makes the song a summer love story on the surface, but Luna Shadows goes deeper than that in the lyrics. She explains:

“When I think of the extremely problematic R+J, a lot of their tragedy is based on farcical miscommunication that could’ve been so easily avoided in 2021. Yet in an age of instant & excessive communication, there has been a sharp rise in youth depression, suicide, and overall unhappiness. This song masquerades as euphoric but underneath raises some fairly dark questions re: technology and our mental health.”

“Night Swim” is on Luna Shadow’s upcoming album “Digital Pacific,” due out on February 12. Pre-order here. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

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(Photo: Larsen Sotelo)

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