SONG PICK: Kings Elliot – Dancing Alone



Kings Eliot

SONG PICK: Kings Elliot – Dancing Alone

Kings Elliot makes her plea with disarming honesty: it is not going to be easy, but there is a chance to make it through those hard times that certainly will come. The London-based, Swiss-born singer/songwriter uses the metaphor of dance, and when she sings, “Spinning us around till we both hit the ground is the only move a know, but falling together is better than dancing alone.” you want to hug her and you hope the person she is singing to wants so too.

Kings Elliot explains:

“Holding together any kind of relationship when you struggle with your mental health is immensely challenging – for you and the person involved. ‘Dancing Alone’ is me preparing someone for how hard it’s going to be, and walking them through every step of ‘the dance’ they will have to learn in order to get through the darkest days.”

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