SONG PICK: Chèlle – Hallucinating You



SONG PICK: Chèlle – Hallucinating You

How about a little time travel, back into the heart of 1987?  With its nostalgic disco sound yet exquisitely modern production, Chèlle‘s new single “Hallucinating You,” immediately spreads feel-good vibes. The Toronto-born singer/songwriter kicks off the new year on a high note with a song as irresistibly gorgeous as “Hallucinating You.” Chèlle says about her new single:

“I wrote this song with my producer, Jonathan Karkar on the day we met. As soon as we got into the studio together, I knew we had a special chemistry that will result in creating something great. It was his idea to use Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” as the main inspiration behind this track. We wanted to experience the same emotion we felt from Houston’s song, while creating ours. Jon began playing with an 80’s inspired synth that I loved, and we built the production from there. Before we knew it, we wrote a nostalgic, energetic dance song that takes you through all the feels. Dreaming, hallucinating, craving, desire, and love. In a matter of 3 sessions the song was complete, and we feel we created something very special. I hope listeners experience the same amount of excitement as I did when I was writing this song. I hope it transports them to a time in their life where all that mattered was loving the person in front of them, and living for the moment.

Absolutely! The joy, the positive spirits are present and make you feel like everything is possible. All the wonderful things in life. Super props to Chèlle the singer too, as she possesses the vocal chops to go after the style of a legend like Whitney Houston. Here is a rising pop star to keep on our radar.

Listen to “Hallucinating You,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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