SONG PICK: Ishani – Perfect Life




SONG PICK: Ishani – Perfect Life

It has been now almost a year that we have to live in isolation and see much of the world through the screens of our phones or computers. Everybody is in the same boat, so why do others seem to have it so much better? The London-based singer and producer Ishani muses about this in her new song “Perfect Life” in an appeal to use our time for better things than being glued to our phones. But she doesn’t sound whiny: the bouncy, upbeat track portraits the obsession rather as a funny mishap than a true calamity. Ishani explains:

“Whether we want to or not, we are constantly seeing other people’s lives, fantasising about what their world is like, and wasting our own time constantly scrolling, not living, just imagining other people’s lives.”

“Perfect Life” is the last track released from her upcoming EP “Unkind Vibrations,” which also includes our previous Song Pick “Twin Flames“. Listen to “Perfect Life” here:

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