One of the standard ice-breaker questions like “where you’re from?”, singer/songwriter JESSAMYNN likes to answer with “Dallas born, Yankee bred.” While this per se does not describe the artist’s style, it provides a clue for her refreshing sound. JESSAMYNN’s debut single “Gold,” draws from country and pop alike, and mixes the elements to something very lovely, and irresistibly appealing. While under COVID-19 lockdown in Los Angeles, JESSAMYNN took her guitar to good use and started to write songs, of which “Gold” is the first to be released. Andrew McMillan played guitar and bass on the single, and produced it, while Matt Youn provided his drumming talent.

When asked about “Gold”, JESSAMYNN says:

I’ve moved around the country for most of my life chasing my musical aspirations. This song was written at the very moment I processed the realization that all the fame and fortune I had been searching for just wasn’t as important as finding reasons to be grateful for surviving each day. For so many people, creatives included, finding the gold to hang onto in life is one of the best survival skills we’ve got.

Listen to “Gold”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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