SONG PICK: Laventure – GIVE




SONG PICK: Laventure – GIVE

Laventure is a duo from Strassbourg, France, who released their debut single “GIVE” last Friday. The song is an immediate ear-catcher: it starts with a weirded-out lo-fi vibe but then meanders into a chill, disco-tinged slow dance track, complete with a cathartic guitar solo. With “GIVE,” the band is on a mission of love. They explain:

“‘GIVE’ is like a 4 digit number, a code to one’s heart. Something two people have to do to truly make a connection.
I wrote GIVE as I recalled a night spent in a club, after that it kinda unfolded just as it is now! It’s a warm, soft and welcoming sound. A declaration of love whispered to your ear, that lasts only the time of a song but that you cherish all your life. We hope it will make you feel like you’re given a warm hug!”

Listen to “GIVE,” our Song Pick of the Day here:

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(Photo: Franck Hess)

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