SONG PICK: Jane Bonis – Keep Me Around (Video)



Jane Bonis

SONG PICK: Jane Bonis – Keep Me Around (Video)

In “Keep Me Around,” the machines reign: a wobbly bassline, relentless drumbeats, and heavy synth layers paint a dark, dystopian picture. Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter Jane Bonis brings humanity into the mix with bright vocals and distant piano play. This contrast emphasizes the question that Jane put at the core of the song:

“We need each other, so we use each other. Keep Me Around asks the unsettling question: as we weather revolutionary upheaval and head toward an unknowable future, will we find that the human connections we built to survive were based in love, or convenience?”

Watch the video for “Keep Me Around” here:

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(Photo: Emily P. Townsend)

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