SONG PICK: EMERGER – Round We Go (Video)



SONG PICK: EMERGER – Round We Go (Video)

Alt-pop duo EMERGER releases the blissfully charming “Round We Go” but together with an enchanting music video. At home in Capetown, South Africa, Emma de Goede and Gerry Matthee are gearing up for their forthcoming full-length album later this year. “Round We Go” floats on a sea of bright and joyful synth-waves, with De Goede’s warm and captivating vocals adding sparkles on top.

Matthee, who also produced the track, says about their new single:

We wrote this song for all the creators out there. “Round We Go” revolves around the artist’s raison d’être, which is to create. The lyrics play with the idea that an artist’s relationship with his/her art can be similar to the ebb and flow of a romantic relationship. The song chronicles the creative process and all of its intricacies. Everything involved with the creation of a work of art has so many layers of complexities, which we feel a lot of people have taken for granted.

With a vision in mind, De Goede enlisted cinematographer Hugo Brand, and directed the video herself. She explains:

Being immersed within a tank of thousands of lights, the video portrays how the creative process can be all-encompassing. We knew from the start we wanted to establish a cinematic experience. Our friend, Goddy Roodt, owner of Polycat animation and visual effects studio, exhibited his Light Tank art installation at the 99 Loop Gallery, which was the perfect setting to shoot the music video for “Round We Go.”

Enjoy the beautifully twinkling and swirling video, and listen to “Round We Go,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo Credit: Alecia van Aarde (Studio A)

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