SONG PICK: Kowloon – Late Last Night



SONG PICK: Kowloon – Late Last Night

The sleek and sensual “Late Last Night” by Los Angeles-based musician and filmmaker Kowloon is the perfect addition to any feel-good playlist, Valentine’s Day or not. The song’s sexy-relaxed vibe is full of promise and possibilities, hints at what was and what could be. When asked about the track, Kowloon says:

Late Last Night is a break-up to make-up to break-up to make-up-again anthem for Valentine’s day. Gently surging bass guitar, low fi drum machines and guitars that warble like the warped images on an old vhs tape. A vocal at once tired, romantic, hopeful and defeated. A plea for a second chance, and ultimately a celebration of love. The song ends with a triumphant disco-guitar riff and the repeated refrain “I believe”.

Oh yes, I believe too! Listen to the irresistibly charming “Late Last Night,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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