SONG PICK: Emma Elisabeth – Jellyfish




SONG PICK: Emma Elisabeth – Jellyfish

Valentine’s Day is in the rearview, and some like it that way. But the excitement of being in love and receiving attention from that special someone never is out of season. Singer/songwriter Emma Elisabeth captures this feeling in her new song “Jellyfish” from her three-song EP “Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” How does a jellyfish come into play here? She explains:

“Valentine’s Day is basically the saddest holiday of the year. Until someone asks you on a date and takes you to the aquarium to go look at fish and jellyfish in the middle of the day and then give you a hand made card with paper hearts on it. I wanted to capture this feeling of being like 13 all over again and being all nervous about it. And truth is, the uncertainty is still there, no matter how old you get.”

With her grungy indie-folk, Emma Elisabeth carves out her own musical world that gives little indication that she is originally from Sweden and currently based in Berlin. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Jellyfish,” below:

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(Photo: Nick Piesk)

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