SONG PICK: Natalie McCool – A Sun Going Down



Natalie McCool

SONG PICK: Natalie McCool – A Sun Going Down

The new song “A Sun Going Down” by the Liverpool-based singer/songwriter Natalie McCool is a timeless pop song reminiscent of the sweeping anthems of Tears For Fears. Catchy and with sing-along qualities, Natalie proves that you don’t need a quirky production to create fresh, engaging pop music in 2021.

She gives us some background about the song:

“This song is not about the obvious things that happened last year, more about my personal mindset and feelings, it’’s about the dawning of intuition, a slow but staggering realisation that you don’t need a person, and the finality of walking forward without them – forever.”

Natalie is working on an album to be probably released later this year. Listen to “A Sun Going Down” on all streaming services or below on Bandcamp:

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(Photo: Robin Clewley)

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