SONG PICK: Nature TV – You and Me



SONG PICK: Nature TV – You and Me

The mood for “You and Me” is immediately set thanks to the ultra-chill guitar vibe and the considerate request to slow down, take it easy. “You and Me,” the new single by Brighton four-piece Nature TV is pure, dreamy bliss. Add a Santana-esque guitar solo to the mix and you are floating on a cloud of felicity.

When asked about their new single, frontman Guy Bangham says:

You and Me is a track which seems fitting for the moment, as it’s all about longing to be with the person you’re always thinking about, even if the relationship you’re missing is an imagined or dreamed version of it. Just would be nice to have no problems, you can just hang out, go places and be happy I guess.

Mission accomplished because the song makes you forget real life for a little while and envelops you in a carefree, joyous feeling. Listen to “You and Me,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Irene Giunta

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