SONG PICK: Badlands – Out of Reach (Video)




SONG PICK: Badlands – Out of Reach (Video)

It has been a while since Swedish singer and producer Catharina Jaunviksna aka Badlands has released her last album “Locus, but now she is back with a new record “Djinn” with features 11 of her big, cinematic soundscapes that can make a movie run in your mind. What kind of movie? Catharina leaves it to you.

She explains about single “Out of Reach:”

“It’s a song about truth and consequence. About sorrow, betrayal, illusions. The song is my way of saying I’m sorry to someone, I was stupid, but so were you. It probably means something entirely different to the listener, which can be just as true. But regardless of the situation, I guess “Out of Reach” tells us about what it’s like being on the first step of realizing it’s game over and time to move on, even though you really don’t want to.”

Watch the video for our Song Pick of the Day “Out of Reach” here:

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