SONG PICK: Penfriend – Exotic Monsters (Video)




SONG PICK: Penfriend – Exotic Monsters (Video)

“Exotic Monsters” is an essay about the state of humanity in the ever faster-moving spiral of technology and (mis-)information. Bristol-based artist Laura Kidd aka Penfriend produced this song fittingly as a synthpop track with a nod to the 80s when things were simpler, and the technology revolution could still be regarded with unabashed awe.

While the “Exotic Monsters” came already out on January 22, there is a new video that brings the ideas behind the song to life:

“It’s easy to feel like we live on a different planet from our fellow humans sometimes, so with this video I wanted to bring the artwork for the single to life, to suggest that perhaps the monsters we perceive to be all around us are more similar to us than different. I spent 20 hours constructing 3D paper masks, set up a green screen in my living room and used up two of my daily exercise sessions to create this oddball trip into my imagination. Enjoy!”

Watch the video for our Song Pick of the Day, “Exotic Monsters,” here:

“Exotic Monsters” is also the title track of Penfriend’s new album, out on May 21. Aside from her musical project, Laura is involved in other interesting initiatives, so check out her website.

Listen to the song here:

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