SONG PICK: Olivia Morreale – Parasomnia



Olivia Morreale

SONG PICK: Olivia Morreale – Parasomnia

“Parasomnia” is a song about the infatuation with a person, so deep that it enters your dreams and even takes on a nightmarish character. L.A.-based singer/songwriter Olivia Morreale comes from jazz music, and with her soulful vocals, she does not want to sound hazy and dreamy here. Instead she rather creates a subtly bizarre soundscape that mirrors the mind during an intense dream.

Olivia says about the song:

“It sounds like a normal pop song until the breakdown/bridge, where it warps into a sort of nightmarish and dark space, We let the idea of a nightmare and of the thoughts we can’t control be our guiding force during the production.”

“Parasomnia” is out today and will be on Olivia Morreale’s upcoming EP “Space Dreams.” Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below on Bandcamp or Spotify:

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(Photo Credit: Nicole Ciancia)

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