SONG PICK: Sunnbrella – Lost & Found (Video)



SONG PICK: Sunnbrella – Lost & Found (Video)

Sunnbrella takes us on a beautifully dreamy ride in his new single and music video to “Lost & Found.” Instantly drawn in and our curiosity piqued, we happily follow David Zbirka around his hometown London, on his search for something. A feeling of “the journey is more important than its destination” vibrates throughout and its visualization. The music film is shot and directed by Arnaud Lin, and the track was written together with former Sunnbrella live guitarist Sam Sheperd.

When asked about his writing process, Zbirka explains:

I often don’t know what the message of a song is when I’m writing it. Sometimes the lyrics are completed before I understand what the song is about; It’s only after gradually piecing the words together that the meaning becomes clear to me. So in a weird way, I have to interpret my own words, but there’s room for completely different interpretations by the listeners. Maybe they’d understand the lyrics better than I do.

Watch the beautiful video to “Lost & Found,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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