SONG PICK: Chloe Rodgers – Coins for Charon



Chloe Rodgers

SONG PICK: Chloe Rodgers – Coins for Charon

According to Greek mythology, Charon is the ferryman, who one has to pay a coin on the last voyage to the underworld. But while the new track by Nottingham, England-based artist Chloe Rodgers is about loss, it also brims with energy, in particular when the crazy, jazz-quality beat sets in.

Chloe gives us some background about how the track came together:

“Coins for Charon was written by Anders Källmark and Nick van Hofwegan, AKA Young & Sick. It’s about losing someone you love. I do like the track. The dynamic change and percussion in the chorus was a good call, and the
drummer (Giovanni Velez), is a genius.”

Listen to “Coins for Charon,” our Song Pick of the Day below:

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(Photo: Silvija Gec)

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