SONG PICK: River Hooks – You Lost a Real Friend



River Hooks

SONG PICK: River Hooks – You Lost a Real Friend

New York-based singer, songwriter, and producer River Hooks has a new song out! “You Lost A Real Friend” features a shapeshifting, lush production that washes over you like a wave on a tropical beach, while River’s airy vocals reflect the value of friendship. The track has this sleek and elegant vibe of self-produced music, where nothing comes in between the artist’s mind and the execution.

River gives us some background about the song:

“This song is about celebrating your ex friend. It’s that feeling when you are like…thank god they are no longer in my life because who has time for bad energy? There’s no need to hold a grudge, wish them the best and keep doing you! You don’t need 100 friends, you just need one REAL FRIEND. So don’t let ANYBODY, especially your friends, hold you back for anything in your life. They don’t pay your bills or will be the person fighting to make your dreams come true. They will realize one day that they’ve lost a real friend and if they don’t just send them this song, haha.
I want you to dance to this song and sing your heart out! I just want you to feel something and give you an anthem for when you might be feeling down. So much of me went into this song and I’m so proud and happy to share it! The entire song was made by me in my bedroom. Inspired by Kanye, Childish Gambino, Daft Punk, Olivia O’Brien and more.”

Read our Q&A with River Hooks, while listening to our Song Pick of the Day, “You lost a real friend” below:

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