SONG PICK: Amelie Patterson – Everything, Nothing



Amelie Patterson

SONG PICK: Amelie Patterson – Everything, Nothing

Take your headphones and maybe turn up the volume a bit more than usual. Because Canadian singer/songwriter Amelie Patterson is about to carry you away to cosmic dimensions in her new song “Everything, Nothing.” The track slowly builds with an intricate, restrained production and leads you into an ever-expanding sonic space.

Amelie recalls the songwriting process:

“I wrote this song while reflecting on what an all encompassing force Love is. I was exploring ideas of how the microcosm reflects the macrocosm. The lyrics reference the Earth’s gravitational pull on the moon and vice versa. The moon’s gravitational pull is the primary reason for tides. Each of us are giving love in our own unique way, but we are all doing so on a global scale.”

Listen to “Everything, Nothing” below:

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