SONG PICK: Claire George – Pink Elephants



Claire George

SONG PICK: Claire George – Pink Elephants

Los Angeles-based artist Claire George does not disguise what her new song “Pink Elephants” is about: the pain and helplessness of losing somebody to drug abuse, something she herself has experienced with a person close to her. Claire, who has carved out her very own niche in synth-pop with her past releases, goes all out with a hammering dance beat that reflects the careless state of mind that motivates substance abuse.

Claire reveals about the video:

“The ‘Pink Elephants’ video is an expression of my desperation to save someone who I loved and lost to addiction. The storyline is meant to depict the lengths to which one will go when they see a loved one losing a battle with substance abuse, but how ultimately, it can be heartbreakingly impossible to catch someone who is already so far gone.”

“Pink Elephants” will be on “The Land Beyond The Light,” Claire George’s debut album out May 21 on on Cascine.

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