SONG PICK: Blonde Maze – Diamond Eyes



Blonde Maze

SONG PICK: Blonde Maze – Diamond Eyes

“Diamond Eyes” is a song about missed chances and the moments when memories come back in a mix of melancholia and gratefulness. Singer, songwriter, and producer Amanda Steckler aka Blonde Maze carries you away with an effortlessly gorgeous production that never seems to repeat itself while building up to an unexpected finale. This deserves a sequel, and the good news is that Amanda is working on a full-length album, hopefully to be released later this year on Enhanced Chill.

She tells us how “Diamond Eyes” came together:

“Diamond Eyes was one of those songs where the main chords, melody, and lyrics were formed almost instantly. The inspiration came from having some very special people in my past whom, especially when I’m reminiscing on memories with them, I wish I had more time with. Their eyes are always the first image that comes to my mind when I picture them. Reflective, beautiful, diamond-shaped eyes.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

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