SONG PICK: Five Days North – Colours (In My Mind)



SONG PICK: Five Days North – Colours (In My Mind)

Manchester-based synth-pop quintet Five Days North delight with the lush and irresistibly gorgeous “Colours (In My Mind).”  We get quite the White Lies meet U2 vibe thanks to the exuberant synths and impeccable guitar work, and the alluring and powerful vocal delivery. A high-energy track like “Colours (In My Mind)” might have a cool story behind all that fizzing feelz. We reached out to Five Days North who say:

‘Colours (In My Mind) is a synthwave-inspired trip through nostalgia for pre-lockdown life. We wanted to get our feelings about missing gigging and going on nights out into a song and give ourselves an outlet for a lot of pent-up energy. We hope ‘Colours’ will help brighten up the very grey world we find ourselves in at the moment.

Absolutely! Listening to the glorious track, I don’t even mind New York’s monochrome grey sky and heavy rain, plus everything else that’s going on. Just bring on “Colours (In My Mind),” our Song Pick of the Day:

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