SONG PICK: Madi Diaz – Nervous (Video)



Madi Diaz

SONG PICK: Madi Diaz – Nervous (Video)

“Nervous” is a personal song and you may not get behind what exactly Nashville-based singer/songwriter Madi Diaz is experiencing here. But it still likely will strike a chord with you as it deals with the complexities of personality and the interactions with the world around us. Madi keeps the song upbeat with earthy guitar riffs as a reminder that it often serves us better not to take ourselves too seriously. She says about the song:

“You know when you hold a mirror up to a mirror and you get an infinite amount of reflections from every angle? That’s what ‘Nervous’ is about. It’s when you’re in a loop of looking at yourself from every vantage point until you’re caught up in your own tangled web of bullshit. It’s about catching yourself acting out your crazy and you’re finally self aware enough to see it, but you’re still out of your body enough and curious enough to watch yourself do it.”

Watch the video for “Nervous,” directed by Jordan Bellamy here:

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(Photo: Lili Peper)

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