SONG PICK: JÁNA – Carefree




SONG PICK: JÁNA – Carefree

“Carefree” is the perfect nudge if you happen to be in a relationship that goes nowhere. The way that Swedish singer and producer Johanna Andrén aka JÁNA lays out her song as light, shimmering soundscape shows how deliberating it can be when some things finally are over. There is a bittersweet undertone too, but, hey, nothing is for free in the end.

JÁNA says about the song:

“‘Carefree’ is about feeling free after a breakup or being hooked on somebody. To finally feel free in your own company and to enjoy it. It’s the last song on the EP and I wanted to bring some sort of peace and futuristic endless vision as the closing for ‘Works’.”

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(Photo: Pontus Hammarström)

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