SONG PICK: Mïrändä – These Summer Nights




SONG PICK: Mïrändä – These Summer Nights

Summer seems to be finally here in NYC, and this year we need the hot and carefree season more than ever. “These Summer Nights,” the new song by singer, songwriter, and producer Mïrändä sums up this feeling perfectly: “I come alive and I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be,” she sings in this upbeat power-pop anthem. We have all waited far too long for this.

Mïrändä says about the song:

“As the weather heats up after a long and exhausting year in isolation, everyone yearns for Summers of the past. This song is an escape, a release, pure ecstasy and carefree revelry – an ode to one of my favorite retro dance spots in NYC that has closed since the pandemic. These Summer Nights is the ultimate summer pop song for 2021.”

Listen to “These Summer Nights” here:

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