SONG PICK: Emily McNally – Can We Be Friends



Emily McNally

SONG PICK: Emily McNally – Can We Be Friends

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Emily McNally takes bedroom pop to the next level: just with her iPhone, she has crafted an intriguing piece of electro-folk about the clashing emotions that come with love or friendship. But there is nothing simplistic about the song: intricate beats and meandering synth lines float along, while Emily asks the question: “Can we be friends when this all ends?” Only time can answer.

Emily says about the song:

“There’s a desperate sort of wistfulness when you feel like you care about someone more than they care about you. Specifically, I wrote this song about messing around with someone casually, but still wanting that person to stay in your life beyond that in any capacity because of how much you care. I listen to a lot of soft pop and bedroom pop and I do think it’s the perfect medium for that slightly melancholy yearning that you can still dance around your room to.”

Listen to “Can We be friends,” our Song Pick of the Day here:

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