SONG PICK: Vintage Fiction – Alright, Okay



SONG PICK: Vintage Fiction – Alright, Okay

Los Angeles-based psych rockers Vintage Fiction released “Alright, Okay,” the first single from their upcoming EP Caution in Vogue. “Alright, Okay” is a beautifully laid-back, dreamy number and simply perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. When asked about the track and singer/guitarist Josh Campos explains how the concept of time inspired the band:

Our past is always there to haunt and mold us, but we try to overcome it. As a society of individuals, we tend to hold onto our past, outdated traditions, emotions, and behaviors to leave them unaddressed can be harmful in both the community and our personal lives.

Listen to the irresistibly nostalgic “Alright, Okay,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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