SONG PICK: La Poré – Right Track



SONG PICK: La Poré – Right Track

From an early age, the importance of the weekend is known and eternally engrained. As a school kid and teenager, this was the time when finishing homework and learning were put on the back burner, and life could get enjoyed to the fullest! Add a five-day workweek, or at times more, to the mix, and the feeling still hasn’t changed. No doubt, the weekend is precious. This is something Nick Samson, aka La Poré, not only knows as well, but it prompted him to write a song about. La Poré’s new single, “Right Track,” captures the essence of the Sunday mood perfectly. A low-tempo, beautifully mellow, and slightly melancholic melody with a delightful dose of sensuality.

Among my top favorite discoveries of 2020, Los Angeles transplant La Poré could sing me the phone book if it ever was a thing. His ultra-smooth yet effortlessly equally powerful vocals get me every time. With “Right Track,” La Poré demonstrates that his previous singles like “Over It,” “Blame,” or “Missing It” are in great company. “Right Track” is co-produced by electronic writer and producer Henry Blaeser and longtime La Poré collaborator Kyle Kanzigg from pop duo Captain Kidd.

We asked Nick to provide us with some insights into “Right Track,” and he says:

I wanted to capture the highs and lows of Sunday. The song is about making excuses in order to avoid your problems and responsibilities. Telling yourself, “it’s still technically the weekend, so I’ll get to it tomorrow.” Each week is an endless cycle of work and the means to escape.

This sounds almost sad, “means to escape.” Luckily, things are not so dire when songs like “Right Track” are to be enjoyed. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now:

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Photo Credit: Weslee Kate

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