SONG PREMIERE: Josin – Traveller (Video)




SONG PREMIERE: Josin – Traveller (Video)

In many ways, water is life, and through water, we are connected to each other and the eternal cycle of life. German musician Josin finds comfort and power in this thought. Her new song “Traveller” reflects this in a bright, meditative composition. The ambient, orchestral music, and Josin’s vocal incantations inspire you to follow her and make your own sense of the world around you.

Josin says about the song:

“so damn emotional about „traveller“. i wrote it last summer on my travels after a long period of silence, where i thought i didn’t have anything to say or feel left. this is about being lost, returning and belonging. and that’s exactly how the last year has been for me. kind of free and traveling, whilst feeling the urge to belong somewhere. but it was actually through the process of writing this song that i started to reconnect with myself, realizing that all my feelings have been just buried somewhere, but have never been lost. the picture of water being connected in so many shapes, from oceans to rivers to rain, and us being made of it too, are kind of the essence that drove my inspiration for the song – and my way out of this period of my life. with everything being connected through water and just reappearing in time and space, there is nothing that can ever be apart from the other.”

The beautiful video feels closely connected to the music, and even its creation added to the experience. Josin recalls:

stef and i shot and made the video in a very calm and trusting process. we stepped into the ice cold river with our bare feet and then just followed our intuition. the whole process of creating this video felt quite spiritual and very connected with the elements, as we were so closely surrounded by them – the water, wind and the cold.”

We are long-time fans of Josin and are happy to premiere her new song and video as our Song Pick of the Day. Watch “Traveller” here:

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