SONG PICK: why try – time 2 heal



SONG PICK: why try – time 2 heal

Montreal band why try call their music “living-room-pop” which describes their sound perfectly. The band’s newest single “time 2 heal” floats on a bed of beautifully mellow piano chords, with a soft sprinkle of bright notes, which is like sitting on a comfy sofa while enjoying the sunlight streaming in. We asked “why try” about some insight to their moody track and singer and keyboarder Karyn Bailey explains:

“time 2 heal” is a very personal song, reflective of our journey grappling with love- as friends and family, and as a band. It’s a song about learning to accept and forgive one another, to face the fear of sometimes needing time apart.

While singer/producer Ryan White adds:

“time 2 heal” is about turning that narrative on its head- we’re mostly conditioned to think that needing space in a relationship means failure, but space can come from a very loving place and sometimes needs to happen. We were very vulnerable on these songs. They were made almost five years ago and it felt for a while that they might not see the light of day because they’re so raw and specific to that time, but things change…and then they change again.

We love the sentiment “things change…and then they change again” which is so true. Just because something changes once doesn’t mean it would not again, and again and sometimes even more. Beautifully put!

Listen to “time 2 heal,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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