SONG PICK: Red Ribbon – Planet X



Red Ribbon

SONG PICK: Red Ribbon – Planet X

Red Ribbon is the project of L.A.-based singer/songwriter Emma Danner. “Planet X,” the title song of the upcoming album, deals with a different horrifying collective experience: the raging wildfires in California. Emma recounts the events that inspired the song:

“On tour in November 2018 (with a band called The Berries that I was playing keys for at the time), we could barely breathe during our stop in California, where the town of Paradise completely burned down due to forest fires. I had never seen anything like this. The air was black and I had my first encounter with N-95 masks—we had to find some to wear even in the van. In Santa Cruz I had to wear the mask during our set. It was so bad. That’s where the line ‘We won’t die in Paradise’ comes from.”

The album “Planet X” will be out next Friday, June 11. Watch the video for our Song Pick of the Day below, or stream the song on Bandcamp.

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