SONG PICK: Ani Brava – Origami



Ani Brava

SONG PICK: Ani Brava – Origami

In every relationship, there are clashes, and singer/songwriter Ani Brava asks for forgiveness when she has caused one: “When the rain, when the waters surround me, hold me up, fold me like origami,” she advises her loved one and that is undoubtedly better than escalating the situation. The restrained production of the song does its part, too: it is better to avoid unnecessary drama in such cases.

Ani is home to both Los Angeles and Osaka, Japan, and she explains where the origami metaphor comes from:

I wrote this song after a good old-fashioned cry. I have a tendency to sabotage my relationships, so this song is about being saved from my own self-destructive tendencies. In Japan, I’ve always been inspired by the way origami is folded with such tenderness and care and often find myself desiring to be handled with that kind of delicacy.

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